Big Road ELD Review


  • Low cost entry barrier
  • Easy to operate
  • Enables log correction by drivers
  • FMCSA approved ELD


  • Phone battery needs to be constantly plugged in- battery drops can cause Bluetooth to unsync and you to lose tracking. 
  • Connects best to one device only- connect to two or more smart devices or you risk sync corruption

What Is Big Road ELD Device?

Big Road ELD is a quick way to make your vehicle ELD compliant and is proud of its engine connected log function, which is set to increase accuracy. 

Big Road as a company that is based in the Canadian Silicon Valley, and is already extremely popular owing to the fact that it has almost 50,000 app downloads to date.

Seasoned and new drivers, small and large fleets alike use Big Road ELD, owing to its ease-of-use and functionality while coming in at a price point that is hard to argue with.


Big Road ELD offers benefits for drivers that can help them focus on what they need to- driving. This is, of course, great for any sized trucking fleet. Notable benefits of using it include:

Easy Installation

Big Road ELD can be easily installed on your own, by first visiting their official website and downloading the right installation guide free of cost. These guides not only help with installation but also show you how to utilize all the functions of your Big Road ELD properly. Not having to pay a technician several hundred dollars is also likely to be welcomed by you when saving pennies. 

No Upfront Cost

Big Road ELD does not cost anything upfront, as the device is delivered free of charge. You are, however, required to activate a subscription plan to unlock its features. This makes it a great entry-level product if you have a very small budget but need to install an ELD product.

Reduced Operational Costs

By helping to optimize the best driver routes, and to be able to locate where drivers are in a pinch, you can help offset excessive time spent in traffic and in turn, reduce overhead costs.

Enables IFTA Reporting

Big Road ELD solution makes I FTA fuel tax reporting easy for easy monitoring fuel usage and distance traveled in a specific state.

Useful Features 

GPS Tracking

Built-in GPS tracking is extremely useful for fleet managers to help pinpoint the precise location of vehicles in a fleet. A detailed history of routes traveled also helps optimize profitability by determining which ones are costing excessive amounts of money to operate on.

Document Scanning

Allows for easy sending of important documents to fleet managers/ dispatchers. Very useful for local delivery courier/ trucking services.

Live Tracking

Live tracking is quickly becoming a very important feature of the best ELD solutions on the market, as it can help keep your business efficient and profitable. For instance, by being able to view real-time traffic information, as a fleet manager, you can redirect drivers or choose alternate routes that help prevent excessive idling and fuel wastage.

Standalone Mobile App

On to the fact that there are several subscription plans available, it would make sense that one of them be a standalone mobile app. The mobile app interface has many features, above all else, ensuring compliance logging.

The mobile app works with both dash links and non-dash link equipped vehicles.

Easy Inspection Reporting

The mobile app makes it easy to produce inspection logs directly from the device, which can be emailed or printed as necessary.

Two Way Messaging

Helps keep drivers and dispatchers/ fleet managers in contact to help with effective communication.

Log Correcting

Big Road ELD makes it much easier than some competing solutions when it comes to the ability to edit logs. Drivers sometimes inadvertently make wrong entries into their logs that can only be edited by a fleet manager/ dispatcher.

This is inconvenient and time-consuming. And yet, even though Big Road ELD allows editing, following certification, no further edits can be made. This is a good compromise that gives enough room to minimize the mistakes made.

How To Install

As previously made mention, Big Road ELD is very easy to get up and running in no time. It is as easy as plug and play, as long as you have the necessary guide in your possession downloaded from the official website.

How Much Does The Big Road ELD Cost?

The actual cost of the Big Road ELD is free, but you are required to pay for the necessary mounting cable. Apart from this, the app download is also free but requires a subscription for its features to be activated. 

There are three subscription plans:

  • Owner-operator compliance plan- enables adherence to ELD compliance mandate with electronic logging and access to all portals (mobile and web) for $19.50 monthly 
  • Fleet management e-logs- gives access to mobile and web app functionality for $15/month
  • Fleet management ELD compliance plan for $25/month

My Recommendation

Big Road ELD is an attractive option for small to mid-sized fleets since the startup cost is low, and the number of features is fair for the price. It is not the end-all solution, as there are others out there that can do much more.

It is easy to install and user-friendly, which are big selling points for the technically awkward but can cause massive headaches for dispatchers and drivers themselves if you were not aware of the multi-device conflicts.

Overall, it is a fair ELD solution and falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to functionality.