Master ELD Review

Master ELD Review

What Is Master ELD?

Master ELD is one of the most popular ELD devices on the market, being affordably priced and offering several impressive tracking features that fleet managers and drivers alike find very useful in day-to-day activity.

Provided by the national transportation partners LLC, the device complies with section 395.20 of CFR 49 and regulations of the FMCSA. It is perfect for small and large fleets alike and ranks as one of the better ELD devices on the market.

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  • GPS tracking – a standard offering of many ELD devices on the market, this helps a fleet manager to locate where vehicles are currently positioned easily. Usually, the app and device are connected via Bluetooth, and the mobile device should have a continuous data connection for real-time co-ordinate transmission. In the absence of this, it still uses GPS alone to form a location breadcrumb history
  • FMCSA compliant – these are guidelines all ELD devices must adhere to in order to maintain safety and health standards of drivers and the public at large
  • Messaging – allows the sharing of vital information between the manager and the fleet, or one-on-one contact
  • Driver log auditing – auditing of driver logs are essential in helping to determine how efficient the driver is, and can go a long way in optimizing the profitability of a company
  • Driver scorecards – driver scorecards take into account several variables, including time spent idling, hard braking, rapid acceleration and more, which are considered less than ideal. Drivers can be counseled if necessary, or cut from the fleet if they display reluctance to improve driving habits
  • IFTA tax reporting – Master ELD makes it easy to generate IFTA tax reports to obtain exemptions and for fulfilling mandatory requirements
  • Vehicle diagnostics – owing to the fact that most ELD’s work via a truck’s diagnostic port, it makes sense that it should also display diagnostic information. These diagnostics can prevent serious issues down the line to save you precious time and money
  • Short learning curve – the ability to easily implement an ELD that is easy to comprehend by fleet managers and drivers alike can help reduce downtime spent trying to understand the ins and outs of the device
  • Historical reports – these include an archive of historical route data along with customer updates and location sharing – important in business to consumer (B2C) enterprises (such as e-commerce)


  • Companion app is free to download
  • Affordably priced
  • Easy to install and get up and running
  • Minimum manual input required


  • No off-line mode available
  • Device does not have a display module – the app is basically your source of information
  • Might not track effectively in slow-moving traffic (less than 5 mph)
  • Does not allow for HOS exceptions (such as an occasional 16-hour short-haul job)

Setting Up Your Master ELD Device

One of the most attractive features is the fact that it is easy to install and connect. You do not need to pay exorbitant fees for installation when this can easily be done on the fly. Here are the necessary steps to install it:

Attach the device – to start with; the ignition key should be in the off position. Next, find your diagnostic port and plug in the device.

Install the Master ELD up from the Google play store – at this time, the software is only available for download on android devices from the Google play store. Simply find the app and install it.

Log in and set up app-each driver is usually supplied with a username and password from the fleet manager, which is necessary to log into the app. Once successfully done, simply select your vehicle from a drop-down list. Congratulations, your smart device, and the ELD up are now connected!

How To Use The Device

The beauty of smart ELD devices is the fact that it does not require much on the part of the driver to do its job. As long as the device is connected correctly and the app active, once your vehicle speed passes five mph, the device automatically starts recording your driving time and setting your status as active.

Changing Duty Status

But how does the ELD know when you are working or not? You can simply change your status from the main screen while the vehicle is still on, toggling between off-duty, sleeping or on-duty. You are prompted to fill out the location and add an optional remark, but even if you do leave the location field empty, the unit is smart enough to utilize its GPS sensors to auto-fill it.

Correcting E-Logs

Occasionally, you may need to edit a log entry or insert a missing piece manually. You may do so by simply tapping on the plus icon on the app, or the pencil icon, which allows you to change the status and associated timeframe.

Error Troubleshooting

Occasionally, your device may appear to be malfunctioning, causing understandable worry. Luckily, most of these errors can easily be remedied and are displayed by differently colored lights on the front end of the ELD device. The most common errors include:

  • No visible light – if there is no light this means that the invention is not connected to a diagnostic port
  • Solid blue light – this indicates that the ELD device is connected and receiving data and that the companion app is also successfully connected
  • Blinking green light – this usually means that the app is successfully connected, but the ELD adapter is not reading data because the ignition key is in the off position
  • Blinking blue light – this means that the companion app has not been connected to the adapter
  • Flashing magenta light on solid blue – this is not an error indicator, but rather a successful transmission and recording of data every time it flashes.

My Recommendation

Master ELD remains one of the better ELD devices owing to the fact that it helps to ensure compliance with requirements, and overall offers excellent efficiency and tracking hours spent driving. Although no pricing information could be ascertained about it, it still ranks as an affordable option based on reviews from fleet managers that currently use it.

Added to the fact that you have an almost foolproof GPS tracking system, and that the device is easy to set up, you can see why the national transportation partners LLC creation is an excellent option for you and your fleet.

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